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Comics: {X-men, Alpha Flight}
Actresses/Tv: {Billy the Exterminator, Julia Stiles, Kat Dennings, Mila Kunis}
Music: {J-Lo, KISS, Kylie Minogue}

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tzipwich: ([X-Men] Cess)
[personal profile] tzipwich2009-05-12 01:44 pm

19 icons under the cut

Just thought I'd get things started. Icons from Uncanny X-Men, New X-Men (v2) and Evolution (and Runaways, which isn't X-Men but I figured I'd throw in just for kicks). These are mostly just cropped pictures where I played with the coloring a little, nothing too fancy.

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jettblack: (Default)
[personal profile] jettblack2009-05-04 03:29 pm

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Are we allowed to submit photoshops of non-canon icons, or do they have to be from the actual media?
tzipwich: (Cessily)
[personal profile] tzipwich2009-04-30 01:30 pm


If I missed anything (/anyone) in the tags, let me know in the comments to this post. Thanks!